Brushing up my algorithm skills

It has been a while since I’ve written a post in this blog.

I feel pretty confident with my C++ coding skills for now. I am still green, however I am able to express my ideas in code when I need to. It is time to take my skills to next level and in order to do that I have decided to refresh my algorithmic skills.

While I am not too bad in theory (I am pursuing Ph.D in combinatorics after all) I do not have much experience coding algorithms and in order to get more skilled in that I am going through Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++. While reviews for the book are mixed, it has the advantage of using modern C++, which is the language I am focusing on right now.

I will soon begin to write things I learn along the way.

Here is the link to GitHub repository. It is empty now, things will change rally soon.

I hope I will have something interesting to write about soon enough.

Have a nice day!


How to learn from your errors

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when programming. Especially when you learn. Actually when learning to program, it is important to make mistakes, try to break the program and see what happens. Do it. It will make you understand what is going under the hood much better.

One of the best advice I can give to other beginner programmers – learn to use the debugger as quickly as possible. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Actually make them on purpose. And examine what the debugger is telling you. It will make you understand the computer much better.