Game Programming with C++ – Making 3D games – Chapter 1 recap.

As I go through the book according to my plan, I will try to provide my impressions and recap of contents for each chapter. After I hopefully finish the book, I will try to make a review out of the,

Well, as you can guess from the title, I have finished reading the first chapter and would like to share my thoughts from reading it.

Before I talk about the contents I want to praise the author. My first impressions are really good. Sanjay’s writing is clear and to the point. Plus he doesn’t treat the reader like an idiot. Author is obviously knowledgeable with the subject and both talent and experience for teaching and writing.

Ok, enough praising the author. Let’s move the the book itself. First chapter introduces the reader to basics of game programming and shows simplified big picture.

First chapter builds simple mental model of how game works in general. By this model, every game runs a loop, where each iteration, called a “frame” can be broken into 3 general phases.

  1. Get Input.
  2. Update
  3. Display output.

This idea is later illustrated by building a simple version of the game Pong, using SDL library.

So far I like it. I will try to what I’ve learnt in more detail in future posts.

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