The purpose of this blog

Like every kid, I liked playing games. It even made me learn programming in C language at one point. I really liked using C to solve puzzles and make small things, however, I was interested in many things, including becoming a veterinarian and  professional chess player… But becoming a professional programmer or game programmer was never one of them.

As life moved, at some point I fell in love with mathematics and at some point decided to make it a career. Right now I am near the end of my PhD and if everything goes well, I will probably be a mathematics professor one day.

However, when taking a course at university, I’ve realized that I still like to code. From then, I’ve always build few things to amuse myself. A while ago I began to make games. After going through few Monogame and SFML tutorials and making few simple 2d games, I’ve decided to try and become “good” at it and to learn it “seriously”.

In this blog I will follow my journey in learning game programming and write materials to help others to learn how to make games.


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