How note to keep yourself from getting rusty…

Contrary to the title this post is not about Rust language or how to stay away from it. (I am focusing on C++, Python and F# right now). It is about what to do when you have no ideas what to code.

First of all, you you don’t have no idea what to code, some people might say that it is a sign that programming is not for you. And they might be right you know. It is probably not for me, that’s why I am a mathematician (sorta).

However, what happens if you are (like me) stubborn or dumb and not willing to accept that simple fact? What should you do after you learnt to write a code in some language and not know what to do yet? Well, I have an advice.

First, you can just try to get a job – there is high demand from programmers, and even if you don’t have a descent skill (or any skill at all) today, unlike 10 or 20 years ago you still can pass the interview and get the job. Weird, but it seems this way for some reason.

Other route is – sign up SPOJ or any other competitive programming site and start solving problems, as much as you can. There are many problems for various skill levels… And even you completely lack any skill like me, you can still solve a few and start making progress.

Well, who are you waiting for?

Sign up and start solving problems.

Have fun!

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