Why I am writing this blog?

Welcome to my blog.

In this post I will tell why I have decided to begin writing this blog and what are its purposes.

I have been programming since I have been a teenager, learnt C when I was at 7th or 8th grade. However, programming has never been my main focus. In high school I wanted to be a veterinarian, hence I’ve focused most of the time on biology and chemistry.

After my army service, I’ve thought about becoming an electronics engineer, however I fell in love with mathematics during my freshman year and went that route, until I’ve found myself in middle of a PhD. While I do like mathematics, I’ve felt “stuck”  and bored lately. In an attempt to get a breath of fresh air I’ve decided to learn to program more seriously.

You can argue that it is a weird way to fight boredom, however I always found programming fun as activity itself. I like solving problem, and most programming at its core is solving problems. Besides that, programming is creative activity similar to painting, writing or creating music. Code can be a form of self expression. And at last, but not least, programming allows to express your ideas and give them a tangible form, and gives you a sort of “super-powers” allowing yourself to create new things.

So what am I going to write about, for now? While I have a bit of experience writing code, I have to admit that I’ve never done it seriously for an extended period of time, hence I can still be considered a “beginner”. So I expect to learn a lot of new things along the way. The ones I find useful or interesting, I will try to write here.

Saying “learn to program more seriously” is a bit abstract. So what do I plan to do for now? It is not a secret that in order to become better at programming one needs to do more programming.

What sort of programming do I plan to do? Well, since this is “programming for fun” blog, things I do are supposed to be fun, right? What fun things one can do with a computer? That’s right  – play games! But what is more fun than playing games? Making games others can play. Besides being “fun” games are pretty complicated pieces of software, and making them will allow me to write a lot of non-trivial code and touch various areas of computer science.

Another thing that I find fun is solving puzzles. Hence, I will try to solve algorithmic problems from time to time as well. Last thing I have been interested in lately is machine learning and AI which I find very exciting. I plan to learn the topic a bit in close future as well.

I hope I will have more concrete and more interesting things to write about soon.

Until next time!


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